Tips to Make Money Online with Blog Flipping in 2022

Wondering how to make money online with blog flipping? Check out the post and learn more.

Make Money Online With Blog Flipping

Tips to Make Money Online with Blog Flipping

Blog flipping is the biggest and most effective way to make money online. But, due to a lack of knowledge so many bloggers failed to get great success in blog flipping.

The only need for Blog flipping is a Domain, Hosting, and knowledge of Content Writing, SEO, and Online marketing.

If you have these skills you can touch the sky of Blog flipping. Let’s see how to make money online with blog flipping.

What Is Blog Flipping?

Blog flipping is the process of making a blog and selling it for a higher price.

There are two methods to do Blog Flipping

  1. Create a Blog and sell it
  2. Buy a Blog and sell it.

Create A Blog and Sell It

This is the commonly used method. It is very easy to create a blog from scratch. You can create a good blog by following these simple methods.

Find a Good Niche
Choose the best domain name for your Blog
Buy a new domain and Hosting.
Install WordPress
Choose the best theme (Genesis or Mythemeshop)
Write Blog posts or hire a content writer to write blog posts on your blog.
Try to get more traffic from search engines, social media, or using blogging communities.
Start making money from that blog.

After some months (6-12 months) you can sell your blog. Remember that, your blog must want to make at least 50$ to sell for a higher price

Buy A Blog and Sell It

Blog flipping will be very easy when you buy a good blog and maintain it properly.

Things you should remember when buying a Blog

  1. The blog must have a few daily visitors.
  2. The blog must have a better Alexa rank.
  3. The blog must not be penalized by Google Algorithms.
  4. Analyze full traffic and income reports.
  5. Now you want to reconstruct that blog. You can make some changes to the theme, Improve blog ranking, Increase website traffic, do social media marketing and increase blog traffic.

Now, it’s time to sell your blog.

How To Sell Your Blog

It is the last part of Blog flipping. Selling a blog and making a huge profit. There are so many websites on the web to sell and buy blogs.

You can sell your blog there or on social media. There are so many Facebook groups to sell and buy blogs.

Some websites to sell your Blog


So, that’s it. Now you can understand the basic strategies of Blog flipping and you know how to create a blog and sell it. You can sell your blog on the above-mentioned websites and make huge money.

Wish you all the best on Blog flipping and please share your views and experience on Blog flipping in the comments.

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