Please! Stop Beating Dead Horses in 2022

Please! Stop Beating Dead Horses!

If it’s a new problem, perhaps it demands a new approach. If it’s an old problem, it certainly does.

– Seth Godin.

Still beating the same dead horses? Like everyone else around you.

And still, you are waiting for success!

Come on, what do you think you will get out of beating a dead horse

Stop Beating Dead Horses

Please! Stop Beating Dead Horses

In fact, the horse won’t feel a tiny-tiny bit of pain.

What’s the point of all the (almost)nonsense I just wrote above?

Well, in plain English:

You Should Start Looking At Problems With A New Approach

You can’t keep solving new problems the old way or even the old problems in the same old ways.


Because everyone is doing that.

And doing something that everyone is doing will only get you something that everyone is getting…

A big failure!

Wait, I know what you are going to say next:

But I Am Doing Hard Work

Hard Work?

Are you doing that?

Well, congratulations. But sorry to break your dream. Hard Work won’t get you anything!

A small question…

Who is Charles Babbage?

a) Father of computing.

b) Father of Christina Babbage.

Choose A?

You are correct.

He is the father of computing.

And why is he called the father of computing?

Yes, because he gave an idea for something close to a computer for the first time.

It’s not important what you make, but the important is that you have to make it for the first time or heck, even give the idea for the first time.

Charles Babbage gave plans for a computation machine, and he is and will be remembered forever for this.

Now, a guy working at Dell makes/assembles hundreds of computers per day but he will not get that famous.

He is doing hard work. In fact, very hard work! But he won’t get famous for doing that, ever!

Why? Go figure!

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The Moral Of The Story

Well, nothing will happen if you take the same old ways. No matter how much you try, you won’t succeed!

Success does not require you to beat the dead horses, it requires you to beat the young ones!

Important Note: horse = idea, beat = apply! Don’t go out there and start beating horses because I said so, I don’t want to go to jail for animal cruelty, at least not at this young age! And Disclaimer: No horses are ever hurt or beaten in writing this or any other post! The horse above, well, is a bit tired and sleeping.

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