How To Choose Domain Name For Your Blog Easily in 2022?

Picking the right name that sticks with users and projects the message you need to pass on can be one of the greatest difficulties when beginning your blogging journey. This article explains the three basic and easy methods to name your blog. Let’s see how to choose a domain name for your blog.

How To Choose Domain Name For Your Blog

How To Choose Domain Name For Your Blog Easily

Before we move to “how to choose a domain name for your blog”, let us see why you need to choose the best domain name for your blog.

Why Do You Need To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Imagine that you have shared your domain name with an individual you met at a meeting.

Will he or she remember that domain name if it is not an easy catchy and easy one?

Always make the domain name:

Short, straightforward, simple to spell,

Should not gimmick numbers and hyphens.

Not quite the same as your rivals.

Legitimate and not trademarked and copyrighted by an alternate organization.

Think of the long term when you choose the name for your domain.  

You should choose the best name for your first attempt. You can not change the name after some time. This will impact SEO and ranking. It also affects your brand name.

What Extensions Should You Select?

There are of hell lot of Extensions like .org, .biz, .net or .gov. .com is the most commonly used one.

Some people don’t even know there are other extensions. By default, they will enter .com, when you say the domain name.

More than 50 % of the websites end with .com.

Your visibility will also increase if you choose .com. It is because of these benefits, .com is always preferred over others.

Unless your blog is for a particular community or country, you need to choose .com.

New TLDs as cheap as 88 cents

If you are writing in a language other than English, you need not worry about the Extensions. You can use any extensions.

It is good that if you use local extensions users will comprehend that the site is focused on their domain and SE may send you more users from that particular country.

How To Choose Your Blog Name?

Your domain name can come to you right away. But, sometimes you have to invest time and choose the best one.

Your domain name should fit your niche.

Newbies say that good names were not available as they were already taken. It may sound true. But it is not.

Here are the three primary methods you can use to pick the best name for your site.

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Choose A Domain Name by Creating Your Brand Name

The first technique for picking a name is to ponder brandability and conceptualize to discover some inventive names and illustrations that can turn into your image.

These names are normally more huge than graphic pivotal words.

At the point when considering brand names consider Google, Yahoo, Instagram, and Twitter, and compare. Something special, appealing, and short.

To make something new, cool, and brandable attempt to:

  • Blend and compound entire words (Youtube, Facebook).
  • Mix, work, cover, and truncate words (Pinterest, Groupon).
  • Include appends (prefixes and postfixes) to words to structure the premise of new words (Napster, Spotify).
  • Incorrectly spell words (Flickr, Tumblr).
  • Use outside words the length of you are sure what they mean.
  • Makeup words.

A couple of the destinations that can help you work words together and imagine brandable names are this one and this one.

The contrary side of this method is that now and again the name will be darkened and not sufficiently engaging to tell the potential users what the site is about which implies that you will need to accomplish additionally showcasing work with the end users to remember your brand name.

Some of the experts who created their brand name:

Quicksprout by Neil Patel
shoutmeloud by Harsh Agarwal

Choose the Domain name with a Descriptive name

A good domain name should tell the users or indicate what the website is about and what they can anticipate.

The words used to describe your website should coincide with its contents of it. Keywords used for your site should tell about your site.

Begin by portraying what you do and what themes you cover.

What do you help individuals with?

Contemplate what qualities would you like to convey.

Record these topical watchwords.

Utilize a site like this to discover important words, equivalent words, and antonyms to your catchphrases too.

Presently put some of these words together and make phrases.

Do whatever it takes not to make the expressions excessively long.

Some of the domain which has descriptive words:

SocialMediaExaminer by Michael Stelzner 
BeABetterBlogger by Kevin Duncan

Choose a Domain Name as your Name

You can likewise mark your site by your particular full name.

It is a decent method for having a more individual and warm vicinity while likewise assembling a name and a brand for yourself.

Numerous bloggers have fabricated their names in their fields which has permitted them to begin offering showing courses, gathering talks, and distributing books.

This choice is not for everybody as some individuals won’t be excessively open to placing themselves in the spotlight that much.

You need to make sense of this if you are agreeable with this methodology of placing yourself in the spotlight.

Some of the expert bloggers who use their full names for their sites are:

Enstine Muki –
Donna Merrill –


That’s all about how to choose a domain name for your blog.

I hope you have liked the three methods of choosing a domain name. Let me know which one you liked the most.

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