Best Link Building Methods That Works In 2022!

Are you looking for the best link-building methods? You are in the right place. Check out the post and learn about the easy ways to build backlinks.

Best Link Building Methods That Work

Link building is the heart of OFF Page SEO. So, we all know how necessary link building is.

A site will not get authority without powerful natural backlinks pointing to the site. 

We know what it is but we don’t. Because link building is nothing but a sort of spam, according to Google’s point of view!

Google explained, that any link created to manipulate search ranking is spam. So link building also goes under the same category. So, we should learn how to acquire links instead of using spam methods to build links.

While there are many methods to build backlinks, you can see the 4 best link-building methods which are not Spam.

Create Infographics

Infographics are the creative link-building method.  Everyone loves to read infographics more than a post.

Infographics convert very well.  

Every site owner loves to get infographics on his site. So if you could provide them with an excellent piece of infographics and ask them for publishing it on their site, they will agree to it without any hesitation.

Most of the site owners give the link to your site without even asking. But, you need to keep in mind that the infographics should be very high quality.

No one will like to publish an infographic that doesn’t have much value.

So here is what you should do:

  1. Find out some popular sites in your niche that might be interested in infographics.
  2. Email the webmaster asking for the opportunity to publish your awesome infographic.
  3. Request for a link back as a reward for your hard work.

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You might be thinking, broken link…!!! What is it? How does it help to gain links? Well, here is your answer.

A Broken link is a link that appears on a page that doesn’t exist or returns an error page. We usually see some of the web page links returning 404 pages or getting deleted. These are called broken links.

Broken links are so much harmful to websites.

Because it stops the crawlers from completely crawling a site. As a result, it can be the main reason behind the rank drop or de-index of the web page.

So every website should be focused to check all the links to their websites are up.

So it will be a brilliant idea to find other websites’ broken links and suggest replacing them with your one.

And that’s the strategy.

If we help them to find their broken links, they will feel grateful and there will be no excuse to replace them with your URL. But they will only do this when they will find your content useful.

Most importantly, it will be natural and authoritative, earned links. So here is what we should do:

  1. Find broken links from your competitor’s websites. You should extract all links to a website and find out the broken ones. In this case, you can easily use ScreamingFrog. Or you can check broken links of a page by browser extension like DomainHunterPlus for Google Chrome.
  2. Outreach the site webmaster through email and explain to him the problem. And finally, suggest they replace that with your awesome content link.

Offer Services

Everyone likes freebies. Offering free service to a blog would be very good and the website owner would love it.

They will link back to you for the free service you rendered to them. Free service could be logo designing, web development, or anything related to the website.

Anything that adds value to the website must be appreciated by the webmasters. So they will feel free to credit the service provider as well.

But again, whether, the service is free or not, the quality has to be fantastic. Otherwise, no one will show interest in it.

So here is how we should work:

  1. Head to your niche competitor’s websites.
  2. Find something that could be improved and offer to do that without any cost.
  3. Ask for a link back as credit for your hard work.

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Giving testimony to products is another great way to gain links.

Online products get sold depending on user ratings. So the providers will always be looking for some nice, inspiring testimonials to support their products.

So all we can do is review the products we used for our websites and leave a nice testimonial that will help both you and the provider.

As a reward and live example, the provider can include your website alongside your name. So that will be a powerful backlink pointing to your site.

But make sure again, that you don’t leave fake testimonials. Do a proper review of only the products you used. So here is how to do it properly:

  1. Go to the review page of the products you bought for your websites.
  2. Give an eye-catching testimony to the products and look for real linking opportunities.


In this post, you have learned about the 4 best link-building methods that work effectively. 

My personal opinion is, that link building is something that depends on your creativity.

The more powerful your ideas, the more powerful your backlinks. So always be creative to gain backlinks and you will be on the top.

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