Caution: Avoid Doing Unnecessary Blogging Stunts in 2022

I went for a walk yesterday.

On the road, I saw a guy who was on a bike, talking on the phone and had both his hands off the steering.

Why had he both his hands off the steering?

I have no idea!

But one thing that I instantly thought was that most of us are like that guy. We do not put our hands on the wheel of our blogs.

What we all do

We blog well. Most of us are awesome bloggers.

But like that guy, we pull off useless stunts.

Avoid Doing Unnecessary Blogging Stunts

We leave out hands for no reason. And soon, we become used to it and leave our hands often.

Then a turn comes, we are still careless and bam……….

Avoid Doing Unnecessary Blogging Stunts

Let’s see this all in blogging terms. When we seem to be a bit stable, we decide to do strange experiments. And the experiments go haywire and we suffer a lot.

A stunt may be anything. A newsletter, a new kind of post format, a new design. Anything.

What we should be doing

Now, do not take me wrong. Stunts are important. But not all the time. You should keep several things in mind before pulling your hands away.

Never Do A Stunt On a Curve: Simple, isn’t it? If you try to pull a stunt on a curve, you will fall. Do not try anything when your blog is not stable. At such times, focus on one thing, stability, and work towards it.

Audience: Would you still do a stunt if there’s no one to watch you? No! When you do not have enough reach, do not try anything strange.

Importance: Is the stunt important? Do you have to do it at any cost? If it can be avoided, avoid it!

Do you pull off crazy blogging stunts without any need? Are you still going to do that?

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