8 Ways To Appear Smart In Your Email in 2022

In the current corporate world, communication occurs mainly through Email. Since the companies are from different locations, it is the best form of communication. Writing an email is important as doing your job in the current world. Here are some smart ways to appear smart in your email.

8 Ways To Appear Smart In Your Email

Ways To Appear Smart In Your Email Easily

Following are the 8 ways to appear smart in your email


If any good thing happens in your office, you should be the first person to wish them.

Whenever, you reply to an email, always select “reply all”.

Share information

Always some information to your team. You don’t need to share only the official information. You can share about

The book you read

An interesting article that you read in the morning paper

Information about your competitors

You can also request a feature.

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Share the status updates. It can be about the new joinee in your team or the current status of your project.

Respond Immediately

Whenever you receive an email, always respond immediately. If it is from your manager, then don’t waste even a minute. Reply to it immediately.


Use abbreviations like PTAL, SMTM, CQ, and AFAIK. Check here for more.


If you are unable to reply to emails, create an autoresponder.

Suggest Meeting

There are many times the email threads go longer.

Any threads beyond 20 do not look good and it takes time to go through them.

If the email threads go beyond 20, immediately suggest a meeting.

Be a winner.

Phone signature

Use a signature “sent from mobile”. Use this signature even if you use your computer to respond to emails. This creates an image that you are busy. Also, there is no need to proofread for typos.

If you don’t want to reveal the type of mobile you are using, you can edit the signature. You can select “sent from mobile” instead of “sent from Huawei mobile”.

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